CLEO MOD Master APK Download Latest (Unlimited Unlocked)

Hey, are you a devoted lover of GTA? then we bring back with an amazing application which is known as CLEO MOD MASTER APK. this application helps GTA to increase their usual capabilities and allowing automatic install more than 200 SA scripts. now you have to just Scrolloll down and read the whole article to more about this amazing application.



CELO MOD is an amazing application for GTA San Andreas. It provides gamers cheat codes for fun and interesting gameplay. All modes and CLEO scripts are detected on the Internet. It is not a definitive application of Rockstar Games or GTA. The author does not collaborate with Rockstar Games or GTA.

With this application, you will be able to expand on the possibilities in this game from Rockstar Games, due to the fact that it claims over 200 MODs that you will be able to download and then apply to your copy of GTA. It is organized into different categories and different types of MODs are grouped.

File Size 05MB
Latest Version 1.0.17
Developer CraftGameDev
Android Version 4.1 and up
Downloads 1,000,000+

CLEO MOD Master Download


• Invulnerability
• CLEO SA Cheat menu
• Skin selection
• Teleport GTA CLEO mod
• Handling
• CLEO mod GTA SA From the first person
• The weapon on cars
• Passenger Mod
• Digital speedometer
• Save anywhere GTA SA CLEO mod
• Peds walk with the phone
• The vehicle spawner
• Choosing a fighting style
• Security at home
• Call friends
• Zombie mod GTA SA
• Air traffic
• Gasoline GTA mod CLEO
• Turbo button
• Immortality GTA CLEO
• Tsunami
• Crazy Train
• CJ Flies
• Nuclear mod SA
• The weapon in both hands
• Saving 100% of the passing game

CLEO MOD Master unlimited

Dff Mods GTA – vehicles:

• BMW i8
• BMW M4
• Renault RS
• Lampadati Fenol GTA
• GTA V Obey 9F Cabrio
• Nissan GT-R Nismo

Global GTA SA mods:

• Winter
• GTA san Andreas mods animals
• Racing Mod
• Mysterix mod

Setting the Boot Menu ( Loadscreen + menu )

•Kamen Rider menu style
•Race Fever 1.0
•Menu GTA V style
•Watch Dog style
•GTA IV style
•GTA III style
•Iron Man load screen


Game Control Buttons:

•New controller ( Xbox )
•Green buttons
•Transparent buttons
•Black buttons

Download Mod Apk

Download and Installation

The process of download and installation is very easy, this application will be downloaded to your mobile in a few seconds. Now follow the instructions below so that you can download and install it.

1. First of all, why do I have to go there, you will not see a download, but the body of the download will appear.
2. Please feel free to write what you want to download or the button.
3. As soon as you click on it, this application will start downloading automatically.
4. Now, this application is downloaded to your mobile, then open it in the file manager.
5. Click File Manager as soon as it opens.
6. After clicking, an interface will open in front of you.
7. After opening the interface you will see the install button there.
8. Click the Install button.
9. Now your work will be finished, this application will be automatically installed in your mobile.

Congratulations, you’re all set to use now, but check it out once.


  • Matthew Bristol (4/5) – “Pretty awesome app to play around with. Just always keep a clean save file. If you try to load a modded savegame from the launch menu the game will crash. You have load the clean save first when you launch the game and then load a modded save from the pause menu after you see the Cleo mod message pop up.”
  • William Martin (5/5)“All the mods work well for me, but I have a glitch where the red mission circles don’t work after using any mods from the menu. Can someone tell me how to fix this?”
  • Pi Pari(4/5)-   “Its good but I’m still finding issues with it because the apk that your giving is 1.08 vers now is 2.00 plz update the install apk and the app itself, and plz fix the glitch crash plz its annoying but other than that, I enjoy a few minutes with it.”

Final Words

If you are a GTA lover or you want like play such mystery games, then you should download this application because it offers you an amazing experience of gaming.

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