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Install Dolby Atmos On Rooted Android

In this section, I am sharing the process to install Dolby Atmos with root. Rooting gives us full control over our smartphones. So, we can install Dolby Atmos and enable it in the phone’s ROM. In this way, we can experience the real effect of Dolby on our device. In this method, I will provide you with a zip file that you have to flash.

There are some special requirements for this method. I have mentioned all of them below.

  • Android Phone with root.
  • Unlocked Bootloader. If you have not unlocked the bootloader then you can search the method for this on the internet.
  • Custom Recovery software. Many options are available in the market but TWRP is the best.

Also, make sure that you have good knowledge of custom recovery, bootloader, etc. If you don’t know much about them then you may end up destroying your phone’s os. Check out the steps below.

Note: You must back up your phone’s data including images, contacts, and everything. This step is necessary as all your data may be deleted during the process.

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Install Dolby Atmos In Android [No Root]

When we root our device, a lot of risks are involved in the process. Below are some of them.

  • Rooting voids the warranty of a device. If your device is in the warranty period, you should not root it.
  • If you make even a small mistake during the process, your device may get bricked.
  • You will not be able to get the benefit of the warranty coverage in case of any mishap.
  • Rooting disables some security features in your device.
  • We can’t open banking apps for transactions on rooted phones.

Due to the above-stated reasons, a lot of people don’t want to root their device. So, we are here with the method to enjoy Dolby Atmos without root. Let’s check out the method. We have also shared how to customize android phone without root?

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